The Deets

The deets –

(that’s tween speak for “details”…)

• This round of Fast Break 40 will begin FRIDAY, July 19th, 2013 to give a chance for everyone to get on here and get caught up.

What is Fast Break 40? 

• 3 ways to be involved:

1. Just Curious – you don’t have to do anything but give us your name and we’ll pray for you and your JDM child for the 40 days. Please just click on the FILES tab above and add your name and your child’s name to the list. Easy Peasy.
2. Mostly In – Do #1, AND You yourself commit to joining us in prayer for A FAST BREAK(through) for these kids during these 40 days.
3. All In – Do #1, and #2 AND You yourself commit giving something up that you love, (aka. fasting) for these 40 days. eg. Coffee, Sugar, lunch, tv, alcohol (whatever you decide, it’s up to you!)
4. Recklessly All In – Do #1, #2, #3 AND commit to this ONE last contingency… (DO NOT PRAY FOR YOURSELF, ONLY THE OTHERS ON THE LIST) for the duration of the 40 days. Whoa… I’ve gone all crazy! Yep! See “Why are you doing this, below”


What will I need to participate in this 40 days?

1. A desire to see God move in your family/child/own life.

2. A notebook/journal or place that you write down thoughts.

3. About 20 minutes a day.

4. An open heart and mind.

5. Comments in the comment section – let us and others know what God is speaking to your heart as a result. Someone may need that thing you just heard!


Where do I start?

– Day 1. Even if you join at a later date than others you may be doing this with, you’ll need to start on Day One because each day builds on the last.


Each Day will be broken up into 4 parts:

1. A “Big Idea” thought for you, from me.

2. A “My Prayer” section- this is a prayer that you can pray that day pertaining to the thought of the day.

3. A “Take Action” Item- this is a section that will walk you through some application of the items just mentioned

4. A “Big Word” – Section – This is the scripture, Idea, or Truth for you to speak over your situation THAT DAY, all day. You can even Write it on your hand to remind you!

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  1. I had chills reading this first part…I was and is everything I have and do feel about Bella’s Dx ….I am honored to be a part of this for my Bella and ALL our sweet children ….Thank you Freedom xoxo

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