What is Fast Break – 40?

Fast Breaking (def.): occurring rapidly as a series of events in rapid succession.

Our kids are in need of a Break from their dis-eases, FAST! Our families are in need of a Break from the drama, FAST! Our Emotions are in need of a Break from the pain we feel on a constant basis, FAST!

My ____________________ is in need of a Break from _________________________.  Fill in your own blank.

So we are committing to petition God en masse for 40 days for a Fast Break! For Healing, for Breakthrough, for change, for hope, for (all of the above)…

Set your Cell Phone or Watch timer for 4:40pm to remind you to pray during these 40 days. You can do it right then, or later.

If you’d like, you can check the group each day, I will post a specific verse, thought or idea that my family will be praying over our kids or ourselves or our family. And you can pray the same one, if you’d like!

I am believing for this to begin a series of Fast Breaks during/after this special time!

Click here for more deets (details).


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