Frequently Asked Questions

 • Q: What if I find out about it after you’ve already begun?
A: We don’t care, JUMP RIGHT IN where you are. Start with DAY ONE. And please shoot me an email to let me know, so I can add you to my prayer list!

• Q: Can I invite my friends/family to join us?
A: OF COURSE! This is designed for anyone wanting to pray for a child/person struggling through a chronic/life-threatening illness.

• Q: Is this private? 
A. Sort Of. If you read the posts on these pages, no one will know. If you leave a comment, someone will know. 🙂

•Q: What if I have a personal prayer request that I don’t want everyone else to see?
A. You can Private Message it over to me  by clicking the “Contact Me” link  and I promise I will only share it with God Almighty Himself.

•Q: Why are you doing this?
A. ONE- Because my baby needs a breakthrough, and the bible says that as we pray for others, WE are healed. I believe this, and know this to be true. I’ve tested God in it the last 2 summers now – and it WORKS.
TWO- to support fellow families with kids with special needs and rare and chronic conditions.
THREE- to grow closer to each other and move some medical mountains, spiritually.

•Q: Are all the posts going to be  long?
A. No! I promise. Just one per day with a thought, an idea, a promise, a verse, a song, or a challenge to speak over our children/families for that day.

•Q: Why can’t I originate posts on this page? 
A. In anticipation of the days to come, and the daily challenges that I will be posting, it will get really confusing if there are tons and tons of (original) posts from everyone. You will be able to leave comments and thoughts etc, on each day’s post- and it will keep the threads separate and nested- hopefully easier to follow.

Excited to see what comes of this, and what your stories will be at the end.

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